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 A Financial Consultation Firm

Viper Research's team of professionals offers in-depth knowledge of Global TMT and Consumer sectors, extensive industry contacts, and years of Wall Street experience serving institutional investors. We provide state-of-art research services to help investors identify extraordinary investment opportunities in the Internet and Media, eCommerce, Online Travel, Online Entertainment, and O2O sectors. 

​Viper Research Group is founded by Leon Zhao, the current Head of Research. Before building Viper Research, Leon had years of equity research experience focused on the technology sectors in the US, HK, and Chinese A-share market. His most recent profession was Analyst at Cloud Alpha Capital (a hedge fund based in HK), where he covered the global software sector.  Leon has also previously worked for the Optimus Prime fund and 86 research. At a relatively young age, Leon has achieved some outstanding results in his career path, such as recommending a strong buy on AMD back in Jun, 2017, when AMD was only $15 per share; short Fitbit when the stock was trading at more than $60 per share back in 2015; and the most recent achievement was recommending a strong buy on Zoom in Apr 2020 when the stock price was around $110 per share. 

Leon`s core investment philosophy focuses on conducting deep fundamental research and investing at a great risk-reward entry opportunity to have investment home runs. Just like how a viper attacks with preciseness, fast speed, and power.

Some personal info of Leon: born in China, raised in Canada, a go-getter, a doer, and a dreamer. He has achieved financial freedom at a young age yet still believes investing is his never-ending goal for his career. Love traveling, racing, exploring, and making friends around the world.

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