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Wall street consensus:


​Recent Conference Call

**Insightful Quote by the CFO:**
"Every act of creation is first an act of destruction," Pablo Picasso. We are reimagining and evolving RH, destroying old norms to introduce a disruptive, more inspiring version.

**1. Key Quarterly Business Trends:**
- **Significant Product Transformation:** RH has embarked on an ambitious and extensive product transformation, launching new collections in RH Outdoor, RH Modern, and RH Interiors. This transformation is strategically timed to capitalize on improving demand trends as the housing market rebounds.
- **Expansion into International Markets:** The company is making bold moves into international markets, including the United Kingdom and Europe, with the opening of new design galleries. This expansion is seen as a long-term growth driver but comes with short-term investment costs impacting margins.
- **Focus on Digital and Print Advertising:** RH is increasing its investment in marketing, leveraging both digital and print advertising strategies to enhance brand visibility and drive customer engagement with their new product lines and galleries.

**2. Critical Analyst Questions:**

- **Question on Product Reception and Demand:** Analysts expressed interest in understanding customer reception to the newly launched collections and how this aligns with RH's demand expectations. Management's response highlighted exceptional performance by the RH Outdoor collection and growing confidence in demand trends across all new product lines.

- **Concerns Over Gross Margin and Pricing Strategy:** There were inquiries regarding how RH plans to balance its sharp pricing strategies with maintaining high product margins, especially with new collections rolling out. The management clarified that there is no intention to compromise on quality to lower prices; instead, it’s about strategic partnerships and scaling efficiently.

- **Impact of International Expansion on Margins:** Analysts questioned the financial implications of RH's international gallery expansions on operating margins, given the associated investments and startup costs. Management's response was forward-looking, forecasting a return to higher operating margin levels in the coming years despite current investment-led pressures.

**3. Outlook or Guidance:**
- RH forecasts demand growth of 12% to 14% and revenue growth of 8% to 10% for the fiscal year 2024. This guidance is built on the assumption of an improving yet stable macro environment and housing market. While international expansion and product transformation investments are expected to temporarily drag on margins, management is confident in its long-term strategy to achieve significant market share gains and return to higher operating margins. These projections are based on the efficacy of new product launches, improved in-stocks, and the impacts of expanded advertising efforts.

Key Questions to follow

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