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PDD Holdings Inc.


Wall street consensus:

**Consensus View on PDD Holdings (PDD)**

**Performance Overview:**
PDD Holdings has manifested a mixed yet overall positive financial and operational performance in recent periods, supported by strategic initiatives such as the semi-entrusted model in the United States and a continual pursuit of market share gains, especially within China's e-commerce sector. Various sell-side reports present a consensus that oscillates between neutral and optimistic stances due to PDD's ability to navigate operational efficiencies, market expansions, and competitive dynamics successfully.

Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley provide complementary perspectives; Goldman Sachs adopts a cautious tone due to regulatory challenges and fierce domestic competition, adjusting its rating to neutral with a modified price target. Conversely, Morgan Stanley remains bullish, attributing significant growth potential to PDD subsequent to its robust 4Q23 performance and strategic positioning within the market, advocating a strong 'Overweight' rating with an ambitious price target.

**Key Topics Synthesis:**

- **Semi-Entrusted Model and Category Expansion:** The consensus recognizes the launch of the semi-entrusted model as a catalyst for category expansion and GMV growth. Optimism exists regarding its potential to improve delivery times, expand the product category notably into bulky items, and enhance overall revenue despite initial operational challenges.

- **Market Share Gains and Revenue Streams:** Across the reports, PDD’s consistent market share gains, particularly within China’s price-sensitive consumer base, and diverse revenue growth avenues, including robust Online Marketing Services (OMS) performance, are highlighted as major strengths. The success of PDD's overseas platform Temu, despite some identified risks, contributes to the optimistic revenue outlook.

- **Operational and Financial Efficiency:** Notable improvements in gross profit margin, operational efficiency, and net profit margins exceeding consensus estimates are recognized, signaling PDD's capability to manage costs effectively while scaling revenue operations.

**Future Investment Considerations Consolidation:**

1. **Model Optimization and Expansion:** Close monitoring of the semi-entrusted model’s optimization and its scalability across new categories and geographies is advised. Efforts to mitigate delivery and inventory challenges will be pivotal for future success.

2. **Regulatory and Competitive Landscape:** The evolving regulatory environment, especially in the U.S., and the competitive dynamics within China’s e-commerce sector warrant cautious consideration. Increased competition and regulatory challenges may impact PDD's growth strategy and profitability.

3. **Operational Efficiencies and International Risks:** Sustaining operational efficiencies amidst expansion pursuits, including the successful management of Temu’s growth and profitability, remains crucial. International expansion brings forth regulatory and market penetration risks, demanding strategic agility.

4. **Revenue Diversification and Consumer Patterns:** Continued diversification of revenue streams, particularly focusing on OMS revenue growth and tapping into burgeoning consumer demands, will be key. Observing shifting consumer behavior and competitive price strategies could provide insights into PDD’s ability to maintain its market share.

In essence, while optimistic about PDD Holdings' growth prospects and strategic initiatives, it’s imperative for investors to stay vigilant about operational hurdles, regulatory landscapes, and competitive pressures that could sway PDD’s trajectory. The balanced consensus underscores growth potential tempered by mindful consideration of outlined risks and uncertainties.


​Recent Conference Call

### Summary of PDD Holdings Inc. Q4 2023 Earnings Call

**Insightful Quote from CFO, Jun Liu:**
"In the fourth quarter, we continued our investment in alignment with our high-quality development strategy... Our total non-GAAP operating expenses as a percentage of total revenues was 33% in Q4 compared to 48% same quarter 2022."

**Key Quarterly Business Trends:**
1. **Strategic Focus on High-Quality Development:** PDD Holdings emphasized their journey towards high-quality development throughout 2023. Initiatives were launched to empower businesses, enhance consumer value, and tap into a rebounding consumer market, reflecting an adaptation to shifting business demands.

2. **Investment in R&D and Technology Innovation:** Significant investment in R&D, exceeding RMB 10 billion for the second consecutive year, focused especially on agriculture and manufacturing technologies. It signifies an attempt to innovate in the face of increasing competition and a changing macro environment.

3. **Expansion into Global Markets:** PDD Holdings expanded into more than 50 countries and regions since September 2022, showcasing an ambition to diversify and grow its market presence globally amidst a competitive e-commerce landscape.

**Critical Questions from Sell-Side Analysts:**

1. **Evaluation of 2023 Strategies (By Lixin Ju, BofA Securities):** Analyst inquired about how the management evaluates the execution of its past-year strategies and any changes expected in 2024. Management highlighted the success of their high-quality development strategy in 2023, without indicating major strategic shifts for 2024.

2. **Fourth Quarter Promotions Evaluation (By Lixin Ju, BofA Securities):** Analyst probed into the assessment of PDD's performance during the Q4 shopping festivals and the relation to their strong Q4 results. Management discussed the promotion strategies, such as direct price reductions, and their positive reception, along with an emphasis on quality and diversity of products.

3. **Outlook on Consumption Market and Competition (By Kenneth Fong, UBS Investment Bank):** This unique question sought insights into PDD's outlook on the consumption market for the upcoming year and its stance amidst intensifying competition. Management expressed confidence in the consumer market's potential and detailed their strategic focus amid competitive pressures.

**Outlook or Guidance:**
PDD Holdings appears optimistic about the path towards high-quality development pursued in 2023. Their substantial investments in R&D and global market expansion indicate aspirations for innovation and diversification. However, management indicates that past performance may not benchmark future quarters, acknowledging uncertainties ahead. The focus seems to be more on strategic investments and long-term value creation than immediate profitability, suggesting an anticipation of evolving business margins as the company navigates through competitive and macroeconomic challenges.

Key Questions to follow

Based on the analysis of the provided documents, the following insightful questions are designed to probe deeper into PDD Holdings' (PDD) potential for future growth within the thematic context of China, Emerging Markets, E-commerce, and the Everything market:

1. **Expansion and Scalability of the Semi-Entrusted Model:** Given the official rollout of the semi-entrusted model as a strategic move to expand category offerings, how does PDD plan to optimize this model to address the highlighted operational challenges, such as delivery times and inventory levels? Additionally, what strategies are in place to ensure this model's scalability and adaptability in emerging markets outside of the U.S., specifically in Latin America and potentially other high-growth regions? This question delves into the company’s operational efficiency and market expansion strategy, critical for sustaining growth in the e-commerce sector.

2. **Adaptation to Regulatory and Competitive Pressures:** In light of the changing regulatory landscape, particularly in the U.S. with the introduction of new legislation focusing on foreign apps, and the intensifying competition in China's e-commerce sector led by Alibaba’s aggressive strategies, how is PDD adjusting its growth strategy to mitigate these risks? This involves exploring PDD's adaptability and risk management in an environment of tightening cross-border e-commerce policies and domestic market competition, which are pivotal for long-term valuation and market position maintenance.

3. **Revenue Diversification and Market Share Expansion Amidst Challenges:** Considering the bullish outlook based on PDD's substantial year-on-year growth in Online Marketing Services (OMS) revenue and market share gains within China's e-commerce sector, how does PDD plan to further diversify its revenue sources while continuing to capture market share, especially in a "weak consumption environment"? This question seeks to understand PDD's strategic initiatives towards leveraging its competitive advantage in price sensitivity and navigating through the challenges of consumer demand fluctuation and increased investments in overseas platform Temu, which may impact margins.

These questions together aim to dissect PDD Holdings' strategic plans, operational efficiency, and risk management in light of both its domestic and international e-commerce expansion efforts, amidst an evolving global regulatory landscape and competitive e-commerce arena.

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